Leverage your Time

SHOW is a peer to peer smart device application that allows licensed real estate brokers to request showings from other licensed real estate brokers.

Company Foundations


Gain the experience you need to find your niche in the industry and expand your clientel reach


Be a part of redefining what it means to be a modern day realtor and eliminate the cut-throat mentality


Start having a life again by leveraging SHOW to give you back crucial time for your personal life and business

Payment Breakdown

Take a look at how can get paid through SHOW


With community being at the center of our operation, it only makes sense to hear what our community has to say about SHOW

Greg Drake

"Having SHOW has really been a saving grace for me and my busines. In the month prior to the apps launch I would have used it 106 times with the amount of clients I have. Now I don't have to worry about being able to show homes to all my respective buyers."

John Filmore

"This is exactly what I was hoping for and more. Being a new agent in the greater Colorado area, I was worried about finding my first few clients in such a cutthroat business. With SHOW I was able to get the practice I needed while learning different industry insides to gain a better grasp of how succeed in my own real estate endeavors."

Mandy O'hara

"The community around SHOW is what ultimately keeps me around. Having this app to help facilitate all my showing appointments is great, but knowing that the company was created by realtors themselves reassures me that my voice will be heard when it comes to getting the most out of this platform."

Tara Stinson

"I finally feel like I can have a life again. After being in this industry for 10+ years, I slowly began to realize how much the business was taking away time from my friends and family. It became impossible beign able to have a sense of normalty when I had so many clients relying on me to help find their dream home. Now I can rest assured knowing I can take time off and my clients are still being taken care of."

Elijah Wilson

"I've been saying for years it's only a matter of time until someone leverages the potential of an idea like SHOW. It's only the beginning for them by i'm excited to see how the platform influences the industry as a whole."

Pamela Miller

"As a new agent, it's hard to gain the experience you need to leverage your own business when you're stuck trying to find clients. With SHOW I can get all the exprience I need while trying to build a name for myself."

Frequently Asked Questions

"Well everything sounds great...but I still have questions!" We got you covered, take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions.

Can every user be a hiring broker and a showing assistant?

Yes! SHOW allows ever user to easily switch between a hiring broker and a showing assistant

What is the vetting process for brokers and agents?

Every agent on SHOW is a licensed real estate broker qualified to show homes. You can rest assured that your home is being showing by a qualified professional

How much are hiring brokers charged?

Hiring Brokers are charged $55 per hour. Showing Assistants will receive $30.00 per hour. If a showing request is made within an hour of the scheduled appointment time, the showing is marked as an emergency and the hiring broker will be charged $100 per hour, with the Showing Assistant receiving $60.00 per hour

What is the etiquette standard for Showing Assistants?

Showing Assistants are expected to be dressed appropriately, arrive in a clean car, and converse properly with buyers

Will someone be able to try and steal my client?

Being a user on the app, you automatically sign a Procuring Cause Waiver which removes your rights to that buyer. We got you covered!

When is payment processed?

After leaving valuable feedback for the hiring broker, you will get credited in your in-app wallet.

Am I able to schedule multiple homes to be shown?

Yes! Whether you need 1 or 10 properties to be shown, you can easily submit it on SHOW as either a single showing or a showing tour comprised of multiple homes.

Why is relaying feedback required?

Leaving feedback for your hiring broker is paramount to the success of them closing their deal. The feedback section allows them to stay on top of the interest level of their buyer.

Can I request specific brokers and brokerages during scheduling?

By all means yes! Simply select their name or brokerage during the creation of the scheduling to give them the first opportunity to accept your showing or tour.

How important is the concept of community for SHOW?

SHOW is dedicated to changing the dynamic of the real estate community, realtors are now helping other realtors to succeed and diverging from the wolf-pack mentality.

Meet the Team

Our team is devoted to making this platform tailored to every aspect of a realtors journey. Follow us on social media and let's start a conversation!

Patrick Laurienti

CEO and Co-Founder

Kenny Chunga

Brand & Customer Relations Manager

Maddi Ossello

Director of Business Development